We Play, We Simulate, We compete...

ZANDF is Africa's Largest War Thunder Squadron, our simulator pilots are also active in DCS and we have a large Arma III presence. Our Members are a cross platform of cultures and noobs, all out to enjoy a good game, make friends and moan about Russian Bias.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ZANDF?

ZANDF is a South African War Thunder Squadron. War Thunder being a simulation-game made by Gaijin, the Squadron being another name for a Clan. Our name is based on the South African National Defence Force, in honour of our military and country. We are South Africa's premier War Thunder Squadron and the largest and most active on the African Continent.

Does ZANDF have any connection to the SANDF?

We have no official connection to the South African National Defence Force. We do however have many members who are active in the SANDF or have retired from the SANDF. But these members are part of ZANDF for the same reason as the rest of us, to relax and enjoy gaming.

Do I have to be South African to be part of ZANDF?

No. We have members from all around the world. From the United States, Scotland, France, India, Egypt, Namibia, Kenya etc. The vast majority of our members are Proudly South African though. As long as you are able to speak English, your nationality does not matter.

When are the recruitment applications issued?

We get this question a lot. We are not part of the Department of Defence, nor the actual South African National Defence Force. Visit DOD for this information.

I want to join the Army.

That's nice.

I want this job.

This is a gaming clan, and not a job. We offer no employment opportunities at all.

I would like to join ZANDF, what are the requirements?

In game, search for us. If you meet the in game requirements, feel free to send in an application. Our requirements do often change, and its normally better to find us on TeamSpeak first. Doing that will allow you to bypass the membership requirements.

I was once part of ZANDF and I was removed, why? / Why do your membership requirements keep changing?

Squadrons in War Thunder have a limited amount of space, only 128. Since becoming once of the Top 100 Squadrons in the world, we have had a massive influx of applications. To counter this, we have had to set our requirements a little higher (again, which are by-passable if you chat with us on TeamSpeak first). If you are inactive for a month or more in game, and we are nearing our 128 player quota, one of the admins may remove you from the squadron to give a new active member a chance to play. If you only play arcade, and do not partake in Squadron Activities like TeamSpeak or Custom Games, you're taking up space that could be used for a more community driven member, and since we don't view arcade players with any form of respect, we will remove you as well. If you're removed, feel free to join again. We have an open door policy and we do understand that real life will sometimes get in the way of our gaming lives. Never take being removed from the squadron personally. We are just forced to keep our squadron active by removing stagnant players.

What is TeamSpeak? / Why not Discord?

TeamSpeak is our communication software. Allows our members to chat in game reliably. It can be downloaded here: TeamSpeak We have our own server. We don't use discord because it doesn't suit our needs while we have our own customised TeamSpeak server. We're also not satisfide with the Terms and Condistions offered by Discord. The amount of control we have affords us rather a bit of flexibility with Teamspeak.

"...since we don't view arcade players with any form of respect,.." Doesn't arcade make up a large player base for War Thunder and by shunning your arcade players, create a divide in the community?

Shut up and go play World of Tanks.

In a game one of your members team killed me for "spawn camping". It is a legitimate tactic used to cut off an enemy teams supply line and if it was a problem, Gaijin would have done something about it.

Spawn campers are retarded players who have no skill, and are forced to gain experience by sitting behind new spawns and kill static targets. This is the equivalent of a man walking up to a child in a crib and beating the shit out of it, and afterwards bragging about his skill. Your Kill/Death Ratio means nothing at all if you spawn camp. If you're going to talk about tactics, let me remind you that the game has objectives which you are required to capture, and after capture, defend. If you want to shoot static targets, go play the test map.

What we play

These are our principle games

War Thunder

ZANDF started life as a War Thunder squadron, and we're africa's largest, incorporating members from South Africa, Namibia and a few internationals.


If you're looking for a group to fly with. Anything from aerobatic formation to combat missions.

Arma III

Find our Arma III squad here. Our members mainly play on King of the Hill and Survival servers.


Information for Members and the Curious